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UFC 128: Jim Miller TKOs Kamal Shalorus

Jim Miller knees Kamal Shalorus at UFC 128.Jim Miller showed once again that he's among the best lightweights in mixed martial arts on Saturday, dominating Kamal Shalorus and winning a third-round TKO at UFC 128.

The fight ended on a great combination of strikes from Miller, featuring a huge left uppercut to the chin, followed by a big knee to knock Shalorus down, followed by hammerfists on the ground to end the fight at the 2:15 mark of Round 3.

"I hit him so hard I think I might have cracked my hand," Miller said afterward. "He's got a hard head."

Miller put on an outstanding display throughout the fight, winning the first round with superior striking and dominating the second round with a great display of grappling, taking Shalorus's back and completely controlling him on the ground. And then there was that tremendous finish in the third round.

Miller, who improved his record to 20-2, said afterward that he thinks he's prepared to fight for the lightweight title.

"That's seven in a row in arguably the toughest division in the UFC," Miller said. "I'm ready for it."