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Tim Kennedy Submits Melvin Manhoef

Tim Kennedy submits Melvin Manhoef with a choke at Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson.Melvin Manhoef will never change: He's a great striker who simply has no ground game whatsoever. And that's what he showed in losing by first-round submission to Tim Kennedy on Saturday night's Strikeforce card.

Although Manhoef did land some of his trademark leg kicks early, that didn't last: Kennedy secured a takedown, got Manhoef's back on the ground and got Menhoef to tap to a rear-naked choke. It was Kennedy's seventh career win by submission, and Manhoef's sixth career loss by submission.

Kennedy did exactly what every smart opponent tries to do against Manhoef and went for a takedown in the first minute of the first round. In a bit of a surprise, Manhoef was able to stuff the first takedown attempt and hurt Kennedy with a couple of hard leg kicks, but it wasn't long before Kennedy succeeded in taking Manhoef down and getting on top of him on the ground. From there he transitioned to the back mount and got the finish.

"We're talking about Melvin Manhoef, one of the most decorated strikers in all of MMA," Kennedy said. "There's no hidden game plan there: He's weak off his back."

Weak off his back is an understatement for Manhoef, who falls to 24-9-1 in his MMA career: Manhoef has absolutely no ground game at all. Kennedy, who improves to 13-3, will now move on to better opponents with more complete games. And Manhoef, who hasn't won a fight in either MMA or kickboxing since 2009, may want to move on to retirement.