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UFC on Versus 3 Results: Mark Munoz Rocks CB Dollaway

In a stunning display of powerful striking, Mark Munoz needed less than a minute to finish CB Dollaway in the first round of their UFC on Versus 3 fight on Thursday night.

Munoz rocked Dollaway with a huge right hand to the chin that had Dollaway dazed, followed it with an upper cut that knocked Dollaway to the ground, and pounced on him, landing a few more punches on the canvas before referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the fight, after just 54 seconds. Although Dollaway stood up immediately and seemed to be upset by the stoppage, it was the correct call: Dollaway wasn't intelligently defending himself.

"I came here to put on a show," Munoz said to the fans afterward, many of whom were booing what they thought was a quick stoppage. "I just came out here to give you guys a show."

Put on a show he did. Munoz, a former NCAA wrestling champion, continues to improve his striking and look great in the middleweight division. His record improves to 10-2. Dollaway falls to 11-3.

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