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UFC 127 Results: Nick Ring Wins, Riki Fukuda Robbed

Nick Ring punches Riki Fukuda at UFC 127.Nick Ring stepped into the cage on Saturday for the first time since suffering a serious knee injury when he was an Ultimate Fighter contestant a year ago, beating Riki Fukuda by unanimous decision at UFC 127. But it's hard to find much to celebrate in the win for Ring, as it was lousy judging that took the victory from Fukuda.

All three judges scored the bout 29-28 for Ring, but it's hard to believe just about anyone else did. Fukuda clearly should have won, and the crowd voiced their displeasure afterward. UFC President Dana White immediately took to Twitter to write, "Judges f**king suck again!! Fukuda got robbed!!!" Even Ring looked surprised when his name was called.

The win improves Ring's professional MMA record to 11-0, while Fukuda falls to 17-5. But it's hard to celebrate Ring as a winner in this one.

Mark this fight down as one more piece of evidence that judging in mixed martial arts needs to be reformed.

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