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Brian Ebersole Chest Hair the Strangest Sight of UFC 127

Brian EbersoleBrian Ebersole made his UFC debut this weekend at UFC 127, and he did something we've never seen anyone do in the UFC before: He shaved his chest hair into an arrow, pointing up to his own face.

What would make a man shave his chest hair in this way? I have no idea. Ebersole is an odd bird, known for participating in some strange fights and pulling off some unusual moves during his 60-plus fights on the small-time MMA circuit, so maybe he just thought turning his chest hair into an arrow was one more way of distinguishing himself.

And although the chest hair wasn't exactly the most attractive look, it's hard to argue with Ebersole's success in the cage: He pulled off a surprising upset of Chris Lytle.

Maybe the chest hair was a lucky charm.

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