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Paul Daley Misses Weight for Fifth Time in 11 Fights

Paul Daley missed weight on Friday for his welterweight fight on Saturday. And this is not a rerun.

Daley, the former UFC fighter who's expected to contend for the Strikeforce welterweight title this spring, has a bout scheduled on Saturday against DEEP welterweight champion Yuya Shirai in Manchester, England, with the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts welterweight title on the line. But Daley came in at 172 pounds, two pounds over the 170-pound welterweight limit, at Friday's weigh-in.

Given another chance, Daley came in at a final weight of 170.4, which is still over the limit for a welterweight title fight. As a result, the bout is now a non-title affair.

Daley's history of missing weight includes coming in at 171.75 at Shark Fights 14 in September of 2010, coming in at 172 for UFC 108 in January of 2010, coming in at 171.5 for MFC 20 in February of 2009 and coming in at 174 for MFC 19 in December of 2008. So this marks the fifth time Daley has missed weight in his last 11 fights.

Daley is always quick to offer excuses for why he missed weight, and why next time will be different, and this time the excuse is apparently something about not having access to a sauna. But the excuses are wearing thin. It's inexcusable that Daley doesn't respect his opponents or the sport enough to make weight.

Unfortunately, BAMMA isn't likely to do anything to Daley (or to Ricco Rodriguez, who also missed weight for his fight with James McSweeney) other than dock him 10 percent of his purse, which Daley clearly doesn't care about.

The biggest question now is what Strikeforce will do about Daley. If he beats Shirai he's expected to fight Diaz on April 9 in what would be a main event on a major Showtime card. But it would be a black eye for Strikeforce to have Daley miss weight in a welterweight title fight. Strikeforce may want to reconsider booking Daley for its title, until he can show that he's capable of getting down to 170 pounds.

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