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MMA Link Parade

Killing time on Friday afternoon? Nothing beats links to some great articles and videos from our friends around the internet. Enjoy.

- Sneak peek of TUF 13 tryouts. (Middle Easy)

- Jon Fitch feels like he's chasing B.J. Penn's ghost. (MMA Convert)

- Helwani vs. Dundas: UFC 127 edition. (Versus)

- Knockout of the Day: B.J. Penn vs. Matt Hughes 3. (Cage Potato)

- Del Rosario says it's "not a big deal" if Fedor gets tournament spot. (Five Ounces of Pain)

- "Fighter Life," Wanderlei Silva's reality show. (MMA Scraps)

- Gilbert Melendez claims to be world's best lightweight. (LowKick)

- Aussie Gold: Top MMA fighters Down Under. (Fight Magazine)

- Dan Henderson plans to knock Feijao silly. (5th Round)

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