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Strikeforce Challengers: Pat Healy Hands Lyle Beerbohm His First Loss

Lyle Beerbohm is no longer undefeated, as Pat Healy gave him the first loss of his career in an entertaining fight on Friday night's Strikeforce Challengers card.

After 15 minutes of back-and-forth action, all three judges scored it 29-28 for Healy, as did I. The victory improved Healy's record to 26-17, while Beerbohm fell to 15-1.

"Good fight," Healy said afterward. "If they want a rematch, any time. I think I out-worked him, out-hustled him, won the exchanges on the feet and had some real close submissions."

A rematch with Beerbohm is a possibility, although Healy said he'd rather face the winner of the upcoming fight between Jorge Masvidal and Billy Evangelista.

"I'd really like that fight," Healy said. "They both beat my brother (Ryan Healy) and being a proud Irishman, I want that revenge for the family."

In other Strikeforce Challengers action, Randy Couture's son Ryan Couture improved to 2-0 in his professional MMA carer, submitted Lee Higgins with a rear-naked choke with just 19 seconds remaining in the first round. It was a solid showing from Couture, who's making the most of his opportunities to get on TV because of his famous name.

Also putting in a solid showing was MMA veteran Carlo Prater, who had lost four of his last five heading into Friday night's fight but had no trouble dispatching Bryan Travers, submitting him with an anaconda choke just 38 seconds into the first round. David Douglas didn't need much longer, submitting Nick Gonzalez in 65 seconds. And Ryan Larson won by submission as well, finishing Erik Apple with a triangle choke in the second round.

With all those finishes on the undercard, it wasn't until the Healy-Beerbohm main event that we heard from the judges. Fortunately, the judges got it right, giving Healy the victory that capped an entertaining Strikeforce card.

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