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Doctors Clear Fedor Emelianenko, Who Could Decide Future in Next Month

Fedor Emelianenko suffered no major facial damage from his loss at the hands of Antonio Silva.

Doctors checked Emelianenko's right eye, which was swollen shut in a dominant second-round offensive by Silva, and found no problems, M-1 Global director of operations Evgeni Kogan told MMA Fighting.

"Fedor was checked last night and seemed fine this morning, in good spirits and walking around in sunglasses like a Hollywood star," Kogan said.

Doctors had originally feared the possibility of a broken orbital bone.

Emelianenko won the first round on two of the three judges' scorecards before Silva took him down early in the second round and battered him with 47 landed ground strikes in the round. Emelianenko weathered the storm and managed to escape a series of submission attempts to survive the round, only to see the fight stopped by the ringside physician, who ruled he was unable to continue because of impaired vision.

After the fight, Emelianenko seemed to indicate he might have fought for the last time, though M-1 president Vadim Finkelstein and Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker both said they believe Emelianenko (31-3, 1 no contest) would continue on.

The M-1 contigent will soon return home, and Emelianenko will face the decision in the coming weeks.

"They're going back to Russia tomorrow, and I think things should become clear over the next month or so about the future," Kogan said.

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