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Sergei Kharitonov Knocks Out Andrei Arlovski

Kharitonov punches ArlovskiIn the first fight of the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament, Sergei Kharitonov exposed Andrei Arlovski's glass chin, knocking him unconscious in the first round.

Although Arlovski's boxing looked crisp in the early going, it wasn't long before Kharitonov connected with a hard punch, and when he did, Arlovski was stunned. A few more hard punches and Arlovski was out cold, and it looked ugly to see Arlovski asleep on the canvas.

"I trained very hard and saw so many people around here from Russia," Kharitonov said, saluting the Russian fans who had come out to see him. "I was nervous because Andrei is a very, very tough fighter. I hope we will become friends after the fight because I respect him."

The win improves Kharitonov's record to 18-4 and shows that he's still a very real threat in this tournament. Next he'll face the winner of the April fight between Josh Barnett and Brett Rogers, and Kharitonov has a good chance of beating either one of them to advance to the tournament finals.

As for Arlovski, the former UFC champion, it's getting sad to see him keep losing. He's now 15-9 in his career and on a four-fight losing streak, and it's particularly worrisome that in three of those four fights, Arlovski has been knocked out cold. Arlovski may need to think about whether he can keep fighting.

Kharitonov, however, will undoubtedly keep fighting, and head toward the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament semifinals.

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