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Chad Griggs Knocks Out Gian Villante in Wild Slugfest

Chad Griggs punches Gian Villante.Most of the time, an MMA bout looks like a competition between two technically proficient martial artists. But sometimes an MMA bout looks like a bar fight.

Chad Griggs vs. Gian Villante on Saturday night's Strikeforce card falls into the latter category.

In a wild mess of a fight that lasted only a few minutes, Griggs and Villante stood in front of each other and threw wild haymakers until Griggs landed one punch hard enough to knock Villante senseless, then pounced on him and landed a couple more punches on the ground before the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

As Showtime announcer Frank Shamrock said, "He just whooped him, man." The whole brawl lasted just two minutes, 49 seconds.

For Griggs, a previously little-known fighter who came out of nowhere to shock everyone and upset Bobby Lashley last year, this victory improves his career record to 10-1 and establishes him as a real presence in the Strikeforce heavyweight division. The loss drops Villante to 7-2.

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