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Cowboys Stadium, Rogers Centre Possible Hosts for Silva-GSP Superfight

LAS VEGAS -- Georges St. Pierre will main event the first stadium show in UFC history when he takes on Jake Shields in April.

If he wins, he'll likely get a second big stage immediately following it.

UFC president Dana White said that if St. Pierre defeats Shields, it will set up a long-awaited St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva superfight for the middleweight championship, and the event is a near-lock to take place at a stadium. Among the possible hosts? Texas' Cowboys Stadium, and Toronto's Rogers Centre.

"It makes sense that we'll do a stadium show," White said after Silva knocked out Vitor Belfort at UFC 126. "It totally makes sense. and you know, if there was ever a fight where we were going to do Dallas' [Cowboys] Stadium, this would be the fight."

Cowboys Stadium is the home of Sunday's Super Bowl, but White has met with its executives in the past about possibly holding an event there. He got his first taste of the showcase stadium when he attended a Manny Pacquiao fight, and became convinced that a UFC show would make sense there.

"When I saw that stadium I said, 'we can definitely do this,'" White said. "It's a great atmosphere for a fight."

Cowboys Stadium is no lock, though. White said a return trip to Rogers Centre in Toronto could be another possibility. Tickets to the UFC's first foray to the Toronto stadium go on sale this week, with about 42,000 tickets available. A sellout would nearly double the existing North American MMA attendance record.

A Silva-St. Pierre superfight would be an even hotter ticket, but Shields can cancel the party by playing spoiler at UFC 129 on April 30.

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