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UFC 126 Results: Miguel Torres Beats Antonio Banuelos

Miguel Torres kicks Antonio BanuelosFormer WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres looked great in his UFC debut, beating Antonio Banuelos by unanimous decision at UFC 126.

All three judges scored it 30-27 for Torres, who may just be fighting for the UFC bantamweight belt by the end of the year. He looks like he's back.

"I did what my coach told me to do," Torres said. "I followed the game plan. ... I know I broke his nose. I heard it crunch a couple times."

The first round was a good one for Torres, as he used his superior reach to keep Banuelos at bay. Torres used his left hand to paw at Banuelos and land jabs, and by the end of the round Banuelos' corner told him, "You gave him that round." It was definitely a round that went to Torres, 10-9.

The second round was also a good one for Torres, as he continued to keep the fight standing up, landing jabs, moving away from Banuelos's counters and generally doing what he wanted to do in the stand up. Banuelos landed a couple of hard punches at the end of the round, but by then Torres had won it.

In the third it was more of the same, with Torres continuing to out-class Banuelos standing up, and Banuelos continuing to fail in his attempts to close the distance. It was an easy unanimous decision win for Torres, who improved to 39-3. Banuelos fell to 18-7.

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