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Dana White: Brock Lesnar Embracing TUF Coaching Duties

LAS VEGAS -- It's just over a week into taping of The Ultimate Fighter for Brock Lesnar, and so far, Dana White likes what he sees.

When Lesnar was named one of the coaches opposite future foe Junior dos Santos, both fans and media wondered how the normally media-wary star would take to a role that would require him to be in front of cameras every day for six weeks.

The UFC president told MMA Fighting that things have started out well, and that Lesnar has "embraced it."

"It's been interesting," White told MMA Fighting. "I'm actually impressed and happy with how competitive they both are and how into it they both are. One of the cool things that happens every season is, guys come on and they totally buy into it and get into it, and end up creating relationships for a lifetime. Brock's been just like that.

"In the whole history of the show, I think we've only ever had Ken Shamrock come on and not give a s---," he continued. "I think he's the only coach that ever came on and didn't care. Brock's been good so far."

Lesnar and dos Santos will eventually square off in June, with the winner becoming the No. 1 contender to face champion Cain Velasquez upon his return.

Prior to Lesnar's participation on the show, rumors swirled that the former WWE wrestler would be a part of the WWE's upcoming Wrestlemania event, and conspiracy theories emerged about whether Lesnar might drop out of TUF at some point to chase that major one-night payday. Some of those theories were fueled after Shane Carwin committed to the same June event, but with no stated opponent.

UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson heightened the talk a few weeks ago, telling BloodyElbow in an interview, "the conspiracy basically comes down to the fact that Shane Carwin has no one to fight in June. I think Brock Lesnar will walk off the TUF set and then Carwin will take his spot or Frank Mir will come in to 'save the day' and fight JDS for title contention."

White shook his head at the rumors.

"There's no conspiracy," he said. "We just don't have anything for Shane right now. We don't have someone for him yet. It's funny that people think Brock is going to drop out. Brock's never dropped out of a fight in his life."

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