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Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg Undercard Live Blog: Moore-Coy, Stack-Hill, More

SAN JOSE – This is the Strikeforce live blog for all the untelevised preliminary bouts on tonight's Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg event from the HP Pavilion.

A total of nine bouts are scheduled for the undercard.

The live blog is below.

Nate Moore vs. Nathan Coy

Round 1:
They square off in the center of the cage and exchange looping punches before Moore goes for the takedown and then immediately moves to take Coy's back. Coy stands up and then drops back down to slam Moore on the mat. Moore hangs on, but Coy escapes and eventually puts Moore on his back up against the fence. Moore gets to his feet while locked down in the front headlock position, but he wisely keeps one hand on the mat to keep Coy from kneeing a hole in his head. Still, Coy is overpowering him against the fence. Coy puts Moore on his back again unleashes a little ground-and-pound -- his most significant strikes of the fight so far. The round ends with Moore stuck in another standing front headlock. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Coy.

Round 2:
Right at the start of the round, Moore changes levels as if he's looking to shoot, but then hammers Coy with an overhand right, followed by a left. Coy's legs go stiff and he drops backwards like a falling tree. Moore jumps on him to add a couple more punches, but it's already over. What a sudden reversal of fortunes.

Nate Moore def. Nathan Coy via TKO (punches) at 0:25 of round 2

Bobby Stack vs. Isaiah Hill

Round 1:
Hill, whose torso is adorned with a script tattoo that looks the first three pages of 'Moby Dick,' is bouncing all over the place with spinning kicks right off the bat. Stack charges him like a bull and Hill jumps up with a knee and slips over the top of him. The knee must have clipped him, because Stack goes stumbling to the mat and Hill follows with another jumping knee strike that just misses. Stack recovers and looks for a takedown, but he's on shaky legs and gets tossed to the mat. He keeps after Hill, but in his zeal winds up on top, locked in a triangle. There's no escape in sight, and the ref stops it just before he goes all the way out.

Isaiah Hill def. Bobby Stack via submission (triangle choke) at 1:02 of round 1

Eric Lawson vs. Ron Keslar

Round 1:
Lawson paws forward with the jab and works for the clinch, looking for a takedown. Keslar defends well and manages to take Lawson's back. Lawson works to defend the rear naked choke, but Keslar transitions to a kind of modified triangle choke. Lawson moves to the top position to defend, but Keslar stays after the choke from the bottom. It's applied in an unusual position, but Keslar is squeezing like he's got it locked on tight. Referee Josh Rosenthal moves in to stop it suddenly. Apparently Lawson submitted, but a bloodied Keslar is raising his hands in victory.

Ron Keslar def. Eric Lawson via submission (triangle choke) 1:57 of round 1

Germaine de Randamie vs.Stephanie Webber

Round 1:
At the bell, Webber goes marching at Randamie like a Red Army foot soldier, only to get clipped with a hook and briefly dropped before Randamie snatches her up in a clinch. Webber recovers quickly and looks for a single leg, and after eating a knee she eventually manages to put Randamie on her back. Webber unleashes a few tentative right hands from the top, gaining confidence as they land. Randamie uses a triangle choke attempt to work to her feet after Webber's escape, and then we see a few brief flashes of Randamie's strengths. A quick punch combo lands well enough to convince Webber to try for another clinch, but here she's subject to Randamie's knees. A particularly brutal one lands flush and drops Webber face down on the mat, unconscious.

Germaine de Randamie def. Stephanie Webber via KO (knee) at 4:25 of round 1

James Terry vs. Lucas Gamaza

Round 1:
Gamaza is putting his range to work early on, keeping Terry at bay with his jab. After a leg kick by Gamaza, Terry comes charging in with a two-punch combo. A right hand from Terry hurts Gamaza and Terry keeps the pressure on, landing a knee that helps bring Gamaza down to his knees. Gamaza is stretched out on this stomach for a moment, eating punches, but manages to recover and get to his feet. A nice head kick from Gamaza smacks home and shows he's still in it, but moments later another Terry right hand has him wobbled. Terry stays patient and keeps the pressure on when Gamaza goes to his knees again. A few consecutive right hands from Terry with no answer from Gamaza, and the ref has seen enough.

James Terry def. Lucas Gamaza via TKO (punches) at 3:26 of round 1

Jenna Castillo vs. Charlene Gellner

Round 1:
Castillo comes forward behind a punch combo right away and gets the clinch on the smaller Gellner, tossing her around at will and landing hard knees against the fence. Gellner weathers the storm and fires back with some knees of her own to the midsection before they disengage. Castillo lands a hard right uppercut, then gets a takedown. Castillo works from the top and nearly gets herself stuck in a triangle choke, but Gellner can't lock it up. Gellner follows up with an armbar attempt from the bottom, but Castillo escapes that too and stays on top, though she's unable to land much effective ground-and-pound. A referee stand-up in the final ten seconds, but neither woman can do much before the round ends. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Castillo.

Round 2:
Castillo looks for the clinch early on again, but Gellner almost dives to the mat to avoid it, ending up on bottom once again. They get back to their feet quickly, and it's Castillo stalking while Gellner looks to counter-punch. Gellner shoots for a takedown and gets stuffed, then ends up inadvertently pulling Castillo on top of her. Castillo is too busy defending Gellner's submissions from the bottom to do much ground-and-pound, and she eventually stands up out of the guard. Gellner shoots for another takedown and eats an uppercut for her trouble. Castillo lands a straight right and then a knee that wobbles Gellner. Another knee on the way down seals it, and the stoppage comes just in time.

Jenna Castillo def. Charlene Gellner via TKO at 3:57 of round 2

Amateur bouts:

- Armin Safiari def. Sam Bracamonte via unanimous decision

- Ricky Jackson def. Niko Jackson via unanimous decision
- Anthony Dariano def. Alan Perez via unanimous decision

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