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Yves Edwards Chokes Out Cody McKenzie

Yves Edwards looked great on his feet and then surprisingly effective on the ground against Cody McKenzie at the UFC Fight for the Troops 2 on Saturday night, winning a second-round submission victory when he sunk in a rear-naked choke that put McKenzie to sleep.

"It's always nice to get somebody with their favorite move -- choke a choke artist," Edwards said of McKenzie, who's best known for winning most of his fights by guillotine choke.

McKenzie came in full of aggression, wildly throwing punches and kicks and going for takedowns. But the much more experienced Edwards was ready for everything McKenzie brought, and Edwards calmly and efficiently connected with strikes while McKenzie mostly flailed.

At the start of the second round Edwards landed a couple of great striking combinations, and McKenzie had no answer whatsoever on the feet. But McKenzie relentlessly went for takedowns and eventually got one, pulling Edwards down and getting his back. But Edwards had a great recovery, getting on top, then transitioning into side control, transitioning into mount, getting McKenzie's back and sinking in a rear-naked choke. McKenzie flailed around after Edwards secured the choke and refused to tap, but he eventually passed out.

The win improves Edwards' record to 40-16-1. McKenzie gets his first official loss and falls to 12-1.

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