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UFC Fight for the Troops Undercard Live Blog: Edwards vs. McKenzie, More

Charlie BrennemanFORT HOOD, Texas – This is the live blog for the six undercard bouts on the UFC's "Fight for the Troops" show at Fort Hood, Texas. The event is being attended exclusively by enlisted military personnel and also serves as a fund raiser by the UFC and Spike for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

For the first time, four of the six preliminary card fights will be streamed live on the promotion's Facebook page for fans who "like" the UFC. Yves Edwards-Cody McKenzie, Mike Guymon-DaMarques Johnson, Mike Brown vs. Rani Yahya and Willamy Freire vs. Waylon Lowe will be available online.

The live blog is below.

Chris Cariaso vs. Will Campuzano
Round 1: Place goes crazy as the first fight of the night meets in the middle. High kick from Cariaso is checked. Kicks to the body again. Campuzano with a body shot. Cariaso answers with a combination that hits and backs Campuzano up. Campuzano connects with an uppercut as Cariaso comes forward. Another kick to the body from Cariaso. Campuzano now trying to time Cariaso's kicks so he can counter with his hands. Another high kick from Cariaso. Halfway through the round, the crowd erupts as they dirty box in the center of the cage. After they break, Cariaso again throws the high kick. Campuzano stalks him down, though, and throws a big high kick that just misses. They both trade near misses of kicks and punches. Cariaso lands a kick with about 10 seconds left, and Campuzano comes forward with one as the round ends. It's close, but MMA Fighting sees it 10-9 for Cariaso.

Round 2: Campuzano opens with a low inside leg kick. Both fighters seem to be looking for the knockout kick or punch, and Campuzano lands a nice right. He seems to be patient trying to time Cariaso's attack so he can counter. They come together and dirty box, with Campuzano landing a couple shots as Cariaso misses a haymaker on the break. Cariaso shoots for the fight's first takedown, but it goes nowhere. Good shot with a left from Campuzano. Cariaso counters with a right. Another high kick from Cariaso is checked. And another. Campuzano tries a flying knee that just misses, then lands a nice combo against the cage. Campuzano then lands the biggest kick of the fight, right to the body, and the crowd cheers its approval. They clinch as time runs out. MMA Fighting has the second for Campuzano, 10-9, as the troops erupt for Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer.

Round 3: High kick from Cariaso misses. But he chases Campuzao down and catches him with a couple short rights. Campuzano misses a roundhouse right, then lands a left jab. They clinch up after some dancing and the troops call for knees. They trade kicks, and then Cariaso lands a nice right. They get dirty again, and after a scramble Cariaso looks for a takedown. Campuzao stays on his feet for a second, then gets mostly taken down. But he lands two elbows while down there and gets back to his feet fairly easily halfway through the frame. Cariaso lands a nice left, then a 1-2 combo. Then a bigger right. Then another as Campuzano looks to counter. Campuzano misses an uppercut, then both hit from in close. Good left from Campuzano. With 30 seconds left, it's a close round and close fight. Hard to score. Good knee from Campuzano right to the midsection will help him this round. They both throw kicks as the fight ends, but it was a spinning backfist from Campuzano that just barely connected that might give him the round. Campuzano gets it on the MMA Fighting card, 10-9, and the fight 29-28.

Result: Chris Cariaso def. Will Campuzano by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Amilcar Alves vs. Charlie Brenneman
Round 1: Brenneman is called "Sideshow Bob" by a soldier in the crowd, a reference to his great hair and the character from "The Simpsons." Brenneman quickly shoots and gets a takedown after eating a kick. Moves into side control and starts dropping in punches to the body. Brenneman moves around and works to take Alves' back, then works some big knees to Alves' legs and posterior. Alves works his way to the feet, but Brenneman picks him up and drops him with a big slam. The crowd is chanting "Spaniard" for Brenneman as tries to work some ground and pound out of guard. Brenneman looks to pass, but Alves defends it. But on his next try, Brenneman passes to half guard. Alves manages to work back to full guard, but Brenneman manages to barely get out to mount – but Alves gets back to half guard to close the round. It's a dominant round for Brenneman that MMA Fighting scores 10-8.

Round 2: Another big early takedown from Brenneman. Alves gets back up this time, but Brenneman clinches and looks for another one. He gets double underhooks against the cage and looks for a big throw. The troops start chanting "USA!" for Brenneman. After about 20 seconds against the fence, the ref breaks them up. Alves tries a high kick that Brenneman blocks. Brenneman eats a couple knees in tight as he looks for a takedown, but to no avail as he again gets the fight to the ground in side control. Alves eats some big fists to the nose on the ground as Brenneman looks to transition. In half guard, Brenneman throws shoulders that are effective. He tries to pass, and does to side control. Then he finally gets to full mount with a minute to go in the round. Brenneman isn't able to do much with the position, but with 10 seconds left he lands some nice ground and pound. It's another dominant round for "The Spaniard," 10-9 on the MMA Fighting card.

Round 3: Good combo from Alves early in the round pushes Brenneman back a few steps and gets his attention. Brenneman looks for a takedown a minute in, but settles for a clinch on the cage momentarily before getting it back to the mat in side control. He lands big knees to the ribcage from there. Brenneman looks for some ground and pound, but Alves does his best to defend and manages to get back to guard. With two minutes left, Alves will need a miracle submission. Not much action from Brenneman on top, but he eventually passes to half guard. He's not inflicting a ton of damage, but he's controlling with ease. The fight ends there, and MMA Fighting sees the third for Brenneman 10-9 and the fight for Brenneman 30-26.

Result: Charlie Brenneman def. Amilcar Alves by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Willamy Freire vs. Waylon Lowe
Round 1: Quick left jab, then a takedown for Lowe, and Freire settles into guard. Lowe lands a little ground and pound. Nothing major. Freire gets an arm and tries for a kimura. It's the only thing keeping Dan from standing them up. But finally, he brings them to their feet. The touch gloves and Freire quickly throws a right kick that is blocked. He throws it again, though, and Lowe makes him pay with a right hand that drops him. Lowe gets back down and controls things on top in guard. Both fighters look for elbows. The 10-second clap is two seconds late. But it's a 10-9 round for Lowe on the MMA Fighting card.

Round 2: Nice left-right from Lowe to start things, and then he tries for a takedown. Freire mostly stuffs it. Back in the middle, Freire comes forward with a right, but Lowe ducks under and gets a big slam. Freire looks for a triangle, and Lowe slams that one out, too. Lowe works elbows from guard against the cage. Freire briefly looks for an arm, but it's not there. With 90 seconds left, Dan stands them up. Lowe eats a kick to the leg, then dodges a high kick. He's stalking from the middle. Then he lands a big left that drops Freire to his knees. Lowe moves in with 40 seconds left and will finish out the round doing little from on top. But Lowe wins the round 10-9 on our card.

Round 3: Left from Lowe lands. Then a right. Then he ducks under a straight right from Freire and lands a couple in close. Freire lands a nice body kick, then misses a high kick. Lowe shoots for a takedown, but Freire scrambles out. On his knees, Lowe taunts Freire, moving back and forth a la Anderson Silva. And Freire makes him pay, getting on top and landing a couple shots. With half the round still to go, Lowe is not in a great position on the ground and he's eating some elbows. Freire is landing punches now as Lowe does little to defend. But soon Lowe scrambles back up to the feet. From there, he lands a soft taekdown. Freire again looks for an arm from the bottom. As Lowe tries to move out, Freire nearly gets the armbar. He again goes for it with 30 seconds to go, and Lowe is working hard to defend it, blocking with his right knee. The fight will end there. MMA Fighting has the third for Freire 10-9, but the fight for Lowe 29-28.

Result: Waylon Lowe def. Williamy Freire by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Mike Brown vs. Rani Yahya
Round 1: After some dancing, Brown lands a nice right that puts Yahya to the ground. Not much there, though, and we move back to the feet with Brown stalking. Quick ground scramble has both looking for position. But Yahya eventually pins Brown against the fence as Brown tries to wall walk. Brown ultimately has to settle back into guard, controlling Yahya's head. Yahya is dangerous down here, and he quickly sinks in a guillotine. But it's not tight enough and Brown gets out. He gets back to his feet, but Yahya still keeps him down. Mario Yamasaki warns Brown for grabbing the fence, so Brown answers with a big elbow from the bottom. Yahya is on top, controlling from the side, and looks to transition to Brown's back. Brown survives, but MMA Fighting has the first round 10-9 for Yahya.

Round 2: Inside leg kick from Yahya as Brown stalks. Yahya stays active outside and misses a spinning back kick. Brown lands some shots in close, but Yahya jumps up and has a standing guillotine position that Brown thinks long and hard about before taking it to the ground with a slam because of the likelihood Yahya could get the choke in easier and deeper there. And on the ground, Yahya continues to work for it. But Brown gets out and tries to work from the top. They scramble, and ultimately scramble back to the feet. Yahya again looks for a standing guillotine, but they break. Yahya lands a left jab, and Brown lands a right. Nice straight left jab from Brown. Yahya goes for a takedown, and it's kind of weak. Brown gets a choke in on the ground, but Yahya staves it off. MMA Fighting sees the second for Brown, 10-9.

Round 3: Early shot by Yahya has Brown looking for a guillotine. Then an armbar. Yahya scrambles out and gets a trip takedown. He looks to pass half guard into side control. Yahya eventually works around and gets to Brown's back. Yahya gets his right hook in, then locks Brown up with a body triangle that is tight. Brown rolls over and Yahya lands some good ground and pound. Brown defends the rear naked choke for a minute, but eats some more punches in the process. Mario, though, stands them up and warns Yahya for illegal strikes. Brown will look to take advantage of the stand up. With e30 seconds left, Brown is looking for an armbar on the ground, then ground and pound. But Yahya defends, rolls it back over and he'll end the fight on top. MMA Fighting gives the third to Yahya 10-9 and the fight to Yahya 29-28.

Result: Rani Yahya def. Mike Brown by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Mike Guymon vs. DaMarques Johnson
Round 1: Touch at the middle, and we're underway with the best staredown from yesterday's weigh-ins. They clinch early, but Johnson gets a nice little throw takedown. He works from side control and gets some decent shots in. He lands a couple nice elbows from on top once back in Guymon's guard. Then he moves out to side control and transitions to mount. Guymon gives his back and Johnson locks in a body triangle. Guymon keeps Johnson's arms tied up for the time being, but with half the round left, Guymon is in trouble. Suddenly the ref steps in and waves it off. Guymon verbally submits, apparently from the pressure on Guymon's back.

Result: DaMarques Johnson def. Mike Guymon by submission (verbal), 3:22 Round 1

Yves Edwards vs. Cody McKenzie
Round 1: Early shot from McKenzie, and he scrambles for control on the ground. But Edwards gets back to his feet and tries to separate. He does, and lands a couple strikes in the process. McKenzie gets hold of a single, but he can't take Edwards down. Good right by Edwards. McKenzie tries to counter and lands. Some nice shots to the body, then head from Edwards. McKenzie throws a high kick, slips and then gets back up. He shoots, but Edwards sprawls and there's nothing there. They mix it up a bit, and Edwards looks for a knee. They clinch, but when McKenzie falls backward he's got Edwards on top in a high mount. McKenzie, though, gets a weird reverse body triangle and eventually scrambles out with about a minute left. Good left, then a kick from McKenzie. McKenzie again shoots, and gain Edwards sprawls. It's a weird, crazy-to-score first round. MMA Fighting will give it 10-9 to Edwards, but it could easily be a 10-10 or the other way.

Round 2: Edwards puts together some nice combinations, and McKenzie smiles at him. He loses the smile as he eats a bunch more, and Edwards does some damage. But with 3:40 left, McKenzie scrambles things to the ground, and the crowd cheers as he looks for a rear naked choke. His finishing move is the guillotine – he's won 10 straight that way. But at this point he'll take any choke he can get. The crowd cheers louder, then "Cody!" as he works the ground and pound and looks for a rear naked choke. Edwards finally scrambles to his feet, but McKenzie keeps him locked up and moves it right back down to the ground. But Edwards reverses nicely, gets side control, then mount, then starts posturing up for ground and pound. McKenzie moves out and gives his back. Bad position for him. Edwards has a rear naked in tightly. McKenzie fights it off, flailing. And finally he goes to sleep as the ref shuts it down.

Result: Yves Edwards def. Cody McKenzie, submission (rear naked choke), 4:33 Round 2

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