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UFC Fight for the Troops 2: Matt Mitrione KOs Tim Hague

Matt Mitrione needed only a couple minutes to whoop Tim Hague at the UFC Fight for the Troops 2, keeping the fight standing and using powerful punches to beat on Hague, then pounding him some more on the floor before the referee stepped in at the 2:59 mark to stop the fight, handing Mitrione a first-round technical knockout.

"I'm here to fight," Mitrione said afterward. "I'm here to get a piece of gold."

Mitrione, who briefly played in the NFL, has been a pro fighter for less than two years. But he's now built up a 4-0 record, and with each passing fight he looks a little more comfortable in the Octagon. Mtrione is a long way from being one of the sport's elite fighters, but he is one of the best athletes in the heavyweight division, and he's rapidly improving.

Although Mitrione weighs 260 pounds, he said he is trying to emulate the style of the UFC's 135-pound champion, Dominick Cruz. Mitrione also said he thinks he broke his left hand during the fight.

Hague falls to 12-5, and he may be done in the UFC. Hague hasn't won inside the Octagon in almost two years.

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