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UFC Fight for the Troops 2 Live Blog: Pat Barry vs. Joey Beltran Updates

This is the UFC live blog for Pat Barry vs. Joey Beltran, a heavyweight bout on tonight's UFC Fight for the Troops 2 event in Fort Hood, Texas.

In Barry (5-2)'s first fight back from a disappointing loss to Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 115 in June of last year, the former K-1 kickboxer will look to have his striking technique prevail against Beltran (12-4)'s brawling style.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Barry takes the center of the cage as they feel each other out for the first 45 seconds. They collide into the clinch position. Beltran with a shot to the body and lowers level for a single-leg takedown attempt. Beltran gives up on the attempt and scores with knees to the thigh until the referee separates them. Barry with a leg kick. Beltran walks forward with punches and Barry avoids them. Bary lands another leg kick and then misses a head kick. Beltran gets close and a throws a flurry of punches to set up clinch. Beltran is executing very well in the dirty boxing department. Beltran tries again for a single-leg and once again gives up on it. Beltran knees Barry low and Barry takes a breather. The fight restarts with less than 20 seconds left, but nothing comes of it. Barry is still not happy with the low blow and mean mugs Beltran as they retreat to their respective corners. scores the first round 10-9 in favor of Beltran.

Round 2: Barry lands a leg kick and that one clearly bothered Beltran's left leg. Barry gunning for Beltran's head with a kick but Beltran keeps his hands up. Barry lands a jab and Beltran smiles. Beltran charges forward with punches to set up the clinch. Beltran tries to dump Barry down. Barry is taken to one knee but he stands back up to continue defending Beltran's takedown attempt. The referee separates them and Barry opens his next exchange with a leg kick. Barry's most effective strike has been the kick to the left leg of Beltran. Barry stuns Beltran with a punch. Barry looking for an uppercut finish. Barry lands with a leg kick and uppercut. Beltran won't quite, continuing to punch Barry. Barry connects to the body. Beltran lands an uppercut of his own. Beltran scoring with punches and knees to close the round. Beltran's tough and he keeps the second round close. scores the second round 10-9 for Barry.

Round 3: Barry's head kick is blocked. Beltran with a roundhouse kick of his own is blocked. Barry tries the head kick again and it grazes the head of Beltran. Barry tries the head kick again. Beltran scores with close punches. Beltran charges in and attacks Barry's body with uppercuts. Beltran is quite the worker, scoring with knees to the thigh and then separating to throw short punches. Beltran lands a number of short punches. Barry shoots a head kick and Beltran blocks. Beltran with more punches. Barry's face is mess. Barry lands four leg kicks. Beltran backs off and is complaining he got poked in the eye. "My eye!" Beltran yells to referee Mario Yamasaki. The doctors gives him the how many fingers test and Beltran passes. Fight is back on with 1:31 left. Barry lands a leg kick and Beltran grimaces. Beltran catches a leg this time. Barry tries a flying knee. Barry chops Beltran down with a leg kick. Barry hammerfists Beltran's hurt left leg. Barry takes full mount but Beltran eventually gets out. Barry clips Beltran with a head kick. Barry ends the fight with two leg kicks. The bell sounds and Beltran collapses for a breather. scores the third round 10-9 and the fight 29-28 in favor of Barry.

Barry wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
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