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UFC Fight for the Troops 2 Live Blog: Cole Miller vs. Matt Wiman Updates

This is the UFC live blog for Cole Miller vs. Matt Wiman, a lightweight bout on tonight's UFC Fight for the Troops 2 event in Fort Hood, Texas.

Both on a two-fight winning streak, Miller and Wiman will battle for a third straight win in a showdown originally scheduled for UFC 125 on Jan. 1.

The live blog is below.

According to the tale of the tape, Miller has a six-inch reach advantage over Wiman.

Round 1: Miller put his fist out for a glove touch but Wiman ignores it and just walks forward. Wiman stalks, working leg kicks. Wiman punches his way into clinch to work a knee to the thigh. MIller pushes off and unloads with punches, leaving Wiman with a bloody nose. Wiman charges in with punches and a head kick but the strikes are all blocked. Wiman is doing more to mix it up, with punch combos followed by kicks. Miller grabs hold of a Muay Thai clinch and lands a nice knee to the body. MIller tries what looks like a flying triangle attempt and Wiman just tosses him down. Wiman drops down hammerfists and an elbow inside the loose halfguard of Miller. Wiman tries to pass and is put back into full guard. Wiman unloads with punches -- including a Sakuraba double chop! Round one ends with Miller holding Wiman down inside of closed guard. scores the first round 10-9 in favor of Wiman.

Round 2: Wiman connects on an inside leg kick. Wiman jumps for a guillotine. Miller fights his way back up, but WIman just grabs a leg and shoves Miller to the floor. Wiman enters Miller's guard to score points with punches. Miller tries a sweep, doesn't get it but it allows hi to get back to his feet. Wiman goes to work in clinch. Wiman scores on a combo and drops Miller. More punches from Wiman, and again, another Sakuraba double chop. Wiman stands up again for a flurry of punches and chops to more than guarantee him the second round on the score cards. scores the one-sided second round 10-9 in favor of Wiman.

Round 3: Wiman fires away with punches, finishing with a head kick. Miller blocks them all. Wiman gets through with a left punch. Miller is bleeding from his nose. Wiman jumps for a guillotine and Miller escapes it, WIman is still where he wants to be on top of Miller. Wiman is very effective when he stands up to rain down punches and chops. Wiman is doing it over and over again to wear Miller down. Wiman now working elbows inside Miller's closed guard. Miller has no answers for Wiman. Another Sakuraba homage, Wiman attempts a cartwheel guard pass. He doesn't get it but they scramble and Wiman gets Miller's back, briefly. The fight ends with Wiman punching from inside of Miller's guard. Wiman wins this one with a dominant performance. scores the third round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 in favor of Wiman.

Official Result: Wiman wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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