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UFC Fight for the Troops 2: DaMarques Johnson Submits Mike Guymon

DaMarques Johnson locked in a body triangle so tight in the first round of his fight with Mike Guymon at the UFC Fight for the Troops 2 that Guyon verbally submitted from the pain, giving Johnson a first-round victory on Saturday at Fort Hood.

It's rare for a body triangle to force a fighter to submit, but it's not unheard of -- Tony Fryklund tapped out at UFC 50 because Ivan Salaverry had him in a tight body triangle.

Still, Johnson said after the fight that he was disappointed he couldn't work his way to a more sophisticated submission, comparing Guymon's early submission to "foreplay without orgasm."

The victory improves Johnson's MMA record to 12-8. Guymon falls to 12-5-1.

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