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Pat Barry Tops Joey Beltran at UFC Fight for the Troops 2

Pat Barry fought Joey Beltran at the UFC Fight for the Troops 2 in a bout that started slowly but turned into a slugfest -- if not a very technically sound fight -- in the end. When 15 minutes of brawling was over, Barry had won a unanimous decision.

Barry, who tearfully dedicated the fight to his late father afterward, won 30-27 on one judge's scorecard and 29-28 on the other two judges' cards. His record improves to 6-2, while Beltran falls to 12-5.

The first round was slow-paced and left the crowd at Fort Hood booing, as neither guy did much to break a long stalemate, and the fight had to be delayed late in the round because Beltran kneed Barry in the groin.

In the second round Barry landed a couple of kicks that had Beltran hurt, but Barry surprisingly backed off rather than pushing the pace, allowing Beltran to recover and star to score points late in the round. It was a round that Barry should have won handily but turned out to be quite competitive.

In the third round Barry tried to push Beltran away from him and accidentally stuck a finger in Beltran's eye in the process, leading to another delay while the doctor checked Beltran's eye. Eventually they were allowed to finish the fight, and Barry finally got down to business, battering away with kicks, knocking Beltran down and doing enough to win the decision and get the crowd on its feet at the end of a fight that started slowly but had an entertaining ending.

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