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Matt Wiman Dominates Cole Miller at UFC Fight for the Troops 2

Former Ultimate Fighter housemates Cole Miller and Matt Wiman went at it at the UFC Fight for the Troops 2 on Saturday night, and in a surprising result, it was Wiman who took the fight to Miller for 15 minutes, grounding and pounding his way to a one-sided unanimous decision.

The win improves Wiman's record to 13-5 and puts him on a three-fight winning streak. Miller falls to 17-5 with one of the most disappointing showings of his career, a fight in which he hardly ever got off his back and took a serious beating.

"I was going through a lot of nerves before this fight," Wiman said. "It was probably the most nervous I've been."

Those nerves didn't show -- Wiman looked poised and confident.

Wiman had a very good first round, keeping Miller on his back and landing punches while avoiding Miller's good submission game. It was an exciting first round that I gave to Wiman, 10-9.

Miller was on his back early in the second round as well, and as the round wore on Wiman unleashed some vicious ground and pound, hitting Miller hard and not slowing down, while Miller looked like he didn't have much of an answer. As the round wound down Wiman went to town with some elbows, and he clearly won the second round.

It was Miller who needed to finish the fight in the third round, but it was Wiman who came out on fire, going right back to work, getting on top of Miller and pounding him some more. Wiman deserves a lot of credit for not playing it safe and continuing to work for a finish into the final seconds, and although he wasn't able to end the fight, he did win the third round in dominant fashion, staying all over Miller until the final horn sounded.

The judges scored it 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Wiman, and it was surprising that Miller even won one round on one judge's scorecard. It was a one-sided beating.

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