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Jacob Volkmann's Suspension Lifted, Planning Next Call Out

Jacob Volkmann is back coaching wrestling at White Bear Lake High School in Minnesota.

The UFC lightweight fighter, who was put on paid administrative leave by the school following remarks he made about President Obama after his win at UFC 125, told MMA Fighting on Thursday that he was invited back to the school on Wednesday.

Upon his return to the high school, Volkmann was given a three-page letter explaining why he was punished. He was also forced to agree to not break four rules in the future. Those rules are as follows:

1. No disrespectful name-calling in interviews (ie. idiot, moron, etc.)

2. Can't wear White Bear Lake HS clothes while being interviewed.

3. No interviews on school property.

4. No calls for violence against any member of the school board.

When asked if he will continue to speak his mind on the Obama Administration, Volkmann said, "I'm going to keep that going for sure," because the wording of the rules "were pretty vague."

Volkmann's yearly salary for coaching the high school wrestling team is $1,800.

And while the UFC has yet to offer Volkmann his next fight, he said that he has already decided on who he will call out after his next fight. He refused to say who that would be, only adding that "he plays professional sports" and that the athlete, who is not an MMA fighter, has already agreed to the fight.

Editor's note: Watch Volkmann's interview after UFC 125 below.

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