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Georges St-Pierre, Manager Shari L. Spencer Part Ways

Georges St-Pierre and his manager Shari L. Spencer have decided to amicably split up.

According to a press release, "They felt they had a different vision for the future of Georges' career and it was best to remain close personally but dissolve their business relationship."

St-Pierre signed with Spencer in 2007 and has since become one of the most recognizable MMA athletes in the world, signing endorsement deals with blue-chip sponsors Gatorade Canada and Under Armour.

"Shari has been very valuable to me and my career over the last several years. We broke through a lot of barriers together and so I will always be grateful to her and call her my friend," St-Pierre stated.

Spencer, who also represents UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, is one of the few female managers in MMA. She runs her own boutique management group, The Spencer Firm.

"I am extremely proud of the representation I provided to Georges and the incredible opportunity to have partnered with an athlete of his caliber. I am thankful for the trust that he displayed in me in managing his career since mid 2007 and I wish him the best going forward," she stated.

St-Pierre will remain a part of the Creative Arts Agency Sports team, who he signed with in 2008, but will also hire a new manager shortly. No word just yet on who that person will be.

The UFC welterweight champion will defend his title next against Jake Shields at UFC 129 on April 30 in Toronto.

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