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Mark Hominick: Jose Aldo Hasn't Faced a Striker Like Me

The news that Mark Hominick is one win away from a UFC featherweight title shot against Jose Aldo has been questioned by some MMA fans who wonder whether Hominick has really done enough to merit fighting for a belt.

But for his part, Hominick insists that he has exactly what it takes to beat Aldo, and that he's ready to throw things at Aldo in the cage that the champion has never seen before.

"Aldo has faced everybody -- he's faced top grapplers, top jiu jitsu guys, wrestlers," Hominick said on HDNet's Inside MMA. "But he hasn't faced a top elite striker like myself. I'm going to be in his face."

There's some truth to what Hominick is saying: All eight of Aldo's opponents in World Extreme Cagefighting came from more of a wrestling/grappling background than from a striking background, and all of them have more career wins by submission than by knockout or TKO.

And Hominick also has an experience edge over Aldo that some fans might be overlooking: Hominick has been fighting professionally for two more years than Aldo, he has eight more pro fights than Aldo, and his upcoming Fight for the Troops bout with George Roop will be his third UFC fight, while Aldo hasn't fought in the biggest show in MMA yet.

But I'm not really sold on the idea that Hominick is the best striker Aldo has faced. I think Urijah Faber, whom Aldo beat last year, is a more complete striker than Hominick, and I think Mike Brown, whom Aldo beat in 2009, is a harder puncher than Hominick. Aldo will be a huge favorite stepping into the Octagon with Hominick, and there's a good reason for that.

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