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Herschel Walker Interested in Role as MMA Ambassador

NFL great Herschel Walker is approaching only the second fight of his MMA career but at 48, he's not wasting any time considering what he has to offer to the sport once his fight career is over.

Walker said Monday on The MMA Hour that he is considering an ambassador role once he fulfills his second MMA fight on Jan. 28 at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg.

"I really wanted to get into my training real heavily and I was doing well and I said I'd like to be more of a force and patriot in a sense that I'd like to speak out for the fighters and I want to put a good fight this fight here and then maybe become an ambassador for the sport," said Walker.

Walker, who made his MMA debut one year ago at Strikeforce: Miami with a TKO win, was scheduled to return last month against Scott Carson but Walker withdrew after receiving stitches from taking a knee during training. Walker will try again with Carson later this month, but beyond the heavyweight tilt will take a "wait and see" approach to his future in fighting.

When host Ariel Helwani brought up the topic of unions, Walker was enthusiastically supportive of the idea. With his NFL experience, Walker spoke on wanting to help fighters make more money. Not going into details, Walker suggested requiring fighters to have four or five fights for union inclusion and offered insurance and profit sharing as perks of an association for fighters.

"I think right now because of all the money being generated right now," Walker said. "This is become a very popular sport I don't know why there can't be."

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