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Ovince St Preux Overwhelms Abongo Humphrey

Ovince St. Preux went 6-0 in 2010, and now he's started 2011 in style.

St. Preux, a former University of Tennessee football player who became a professional MMA fighter in 2008, dominated Abongo Humphrey in an exciting if not particularly technical fight on Friday night's Strikeforce card. St. Preux won by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all three judges' cards, making it the third time in the last seven weeks that St. Preux has won a unanimous decision.

The win improved St. Preux's pro record to 10-4, and he showed once again why he's a fighter that Strikeforce likes to promote: He turns every fight into a fast-paced brawl.

He also makes his fights sloppy, both in the stand-up and on the ground. He telegraphs his punches and kicks and doesn't have a lot of technique in his submission attempts, and he makes a lot of mistakes that a more experienced fighter would capitalize on and make him pay for. St. Preux is a long way from being great.

But he is good, and he's getting better. He stays active, fights whoever Strikeforce puts in front of him, and puts on a show. He'll be on plenty more Strikeforce cards this year.

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