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Rhadi Ferguson Taps Out John Richard at Strikeforce: Challengers

Rhadi Ferguson has a lot going for him in the eyes of Strikeforce: He has a Ph.D., a background as a judo Olympian, and a cousin by the name of Kimbo Slice. There's plenty for Strikeforce to promote there.

And now Ferguson also has a win in the Strikeforce cage, although it wasn't the most impressive one, a second-round submission against a low-level fighter named John Richard who actually hurt Ferguson at the start of both the first and second rounds. Ferguson did manage to make Richard tap out to a knee bar, but Ferguson admitted after the fight that he hadn't fought particularly well, giving himself a grade of D-minus.

Ferguson thanked trainer Lloyd Irvin for teaching him the knee bar submission.

"That leg lock? Straight Lloyd Irvin, baby," Ferguson said.

Richard threw a hard left hand at the start of the fight and took Ferguson down, and Richard had Ferguson's back for much of the first round before Ferguson turned the tables and dominated Richard for the latter part of the round. In the second round Richard hit Ferguson hard again, but once the fight was on the ground Ferguson easily took control and got the submission.

If Ferguson were in his early 20s, I'd say he's a good prospect for Strikeforce to have on its Challengers cards. Unfortunately, Ferguson is in his mid-30s, and he doesn't have much of a future in the sport. But he does have a 3-0 record after beating Richard.

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