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UFC 125: Dustin Poirier Dominates Josh Grispi

In a battle of two of MMA's best young featherweights, the 21-year-old Dustin Poirier destroyed the 22-year-old Josh Grispi, winning a unanimous decision on the Ion TV portion of the UFC 125 fight card.

It was a "star is born" type of performance for Poirier, who won 30-27 on all three judges' scorecards. And it was a major disappointment for Grispi, who was originally slated to face Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight title on this card, before Aldo had to drop out with an injury. Grispi has to go back to the drawing board, and clearly isn't ready for title contention.

As he always does, Grispi started the fight fast and went on the attack. But Poirier surprised Grispi with his clinch work and dirty boxing, hurting Grispi with punches and elbows as they clinched against the cage. Poirier also floored Grispi with a front kick, and in general Poirier's striking was giving Grispi a lot of trouble. On the ground late in the round Grispi did threaten Poirier with a kimura and a straight arm bar, but it was clearly Poirier's round.

Early in the second round Grispi shot to the inside but Poirier perfectly timed a knee to the body and then turned around and pressed Grispi against the cage. On the ground Poirier continued to dominate Grispi from the top, and although Grispi did briefly threaten Poirier with a triangle choke, Poirier simply picked Grispi up and slammed him down.

In the third round Poirier got Grispi in a Thai clinch and battered him with knees, and although Grispi did eventually secure a takedown and get on top of Poirier, it was too late to put Poirier in any kind of trouble, and Poirier held on to win the decision.

The win improves Poirier's record to 9-1, while Grispi falls to 14-2.

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