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Alistair Overeem KOs Todd Duffee in 19 Seconds

Alistair Overeem has added the Dream heavyweight title to his Strikeforce and K-1 World Grand Prix championships, brutally knocking out the former UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee at the New Year's Eve Dynamite!! event in Japan.

Overeem showed once again that he's among the most lethal strikers in all of combat sports, stunning Duffee with a right hand to the ear and then finishing him with a big left hand to the chin. The fight lasted just 19 seconds.

"This year I won three world titles," Overeem said in the ring afterward. "Strikeforce, then K-1, and now Dream. And I promise you all, I'm going to keep giving you great fights."

Duffee is the UFC record holder for fastest knockout, having beaten Tim Hague in just seven seconds last year. But this fight didn't last much longer than that: Duffee charged, went for an early takedown and landed a couple punches, but as soon as Overeem landed cleanly, Duffee was no match for Overeem's striking.

The big question now is where Overeem, who improves to 34-11, will fight next. Strikeforce has promised that Overeem will fight in its cage frequently in 2011, but those promises have to be taken with a grain of salt: Strikeforce has only been able to get Overeem to defend his heavyweight belt once since he won it in November of 2007. And with each additional win in Japan, Overeem becomes a bigger draw there, and more likely to continue fighting there, rather than coming to America.

But where ever he fights, Overeem is one of the best in the world.

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