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Overeem-Duffee Will Be for DREAM Belt; Tim Sylvia Signs With Titan FC

After much insistence from Alistair Overeem, DREAM has made it official that Overeem's bout against Todd Duffee at Dynamite!! 2010 will be for the promotion's "interim" heavyweight belt.

"I'm very happy that they found an opponent, I'm even more happy that it's going to be for the DREAM heavyweight title," Overeem said Thursday at a Dynamite!! press conference.

Leading up to the fight, Overeem has been speaking more about his desire for his New Year's Eve fight to be for the title as opposed to actually commenting on his opponent. His campaigning has worked despite the heavyweight division never being much of a focal point for the company and Duffee coming off a UFC loss to Mike Russow.

When a champion is crowned Friday, DREAM will have titleholders in the featherweight through heavyweight divisions.

Since Duffee is taking the short notice fight against Overeem, Duffee's replacement against Abe Wagner at Titan FC 16 on Jan. 28 will be former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia.

"We're very fortunate to be able to add [Sylvia] to Titan FC 16 on such short notice," Titan Fighting CEO Joe Kelly stated Thursday. "By letting Todd take the fight vs. Overeem, we are allowing ourselves to get to work with Tim on our Jan. 28 show and then still get to book Todd on a future show."

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