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Sengoku Results: Sandro vs. Hioki, Blanco vs. Parky, More

TOKYO, Japan -- will have live Sengoku results of the Dec. 30 "Soul of Fight" event from the Ariake Colosseum.

In a Sengoku featherweight title fight, Marlon Sandro will look to defend his belt against Shooto titleholder Hatsu Hioki. Also, the likes of Roxanne Modafferi, Hitomi Akano, Kazuo Misaki, Megumi Fujii, Masanori Kanehara, Maximo Blanco and Won Sik Park will all be action on this 28-fight card.

Complete Sengoku results are below.

MMA: Hatsu Hioki def. Marlon Sandro by Unanimous Decision
(Sengoku Featherweight Title Fight)
I said that Hatsu Hioki would have to fight a perfect fight if he wanted Marlon Sandro's featherweight strap. I said that he would have a lapse of focus and that is when the end would come for the Shooto Champion. Hioki did fight the perfect fight and there was no lapse of focus.

In a fight that catapults him up the featherweight rankings, and was a career-defining performance, Hioki survived the power of Sandro to break the Brazilian but not make him quit.

With a plethora of first-round KOs added to his resume recently, Sandro came into the fight looking to add another one. Head hunting early, Sandro swung wildy in the first and second rounds to try and get the challenger out of there early. A cut on the eyebrow of Hioki was the only result though as the Japanese fighter withstood the storm to deliver his own rangy, fencing like jabs and kicks. With this initial expenditure of energy, the champion started to fade.

It was clear in the third that Hioki had done it. Sandro's breathing becoming labored and his strikes looping more and more, Hioki pounced on his exhausted Champion and after moving into mount, rained in fists that very nearly stopped the fight.

Sandro's seconds were good enough to give another wind to the exhausted champion and he went out in the forth round and again swung for that one knockout blow that he needed. It very nearly came as Hioki, now showing the pain of the war that he was in started to tire. Hioki was good enough to get the bout to the mat again though and in the closing seconds locked in a triangle and then switched to an armbar. The submissions were thwarted by the bell but as the fifth round showed, Sandro had no intention to ever tap.

He never quit but Sandro had given everything he had in the first four rounds of head hunting. In the fifth and final round, he was easy game for Hioki who could no doubt smell how close he was to getting the Sengoku title. Again getting his man on the mat, Hioki twisted the champion's arm behind his back and up towards his neck in a move that must have caused significant pain and injury. As Sandro and his corner yelled that he does not submit to the panic stricken referees, Hioki cranked the arm further and further until eventually giving up and trying for the armbar. Sandro lay almost motionless with no indication that he was in any pain in a locked armbar for an incredible amount of time until the bell finally rang.

One of the performances of the year.

MMA: Kazuo Misaki def. Mike Seal by TKO (Referee Stoppage) - Round 1, 1:15
Mike Seal may have protested it but when he was stuck on his stomach with Misaki on his back raining in blows, it did not look like he had a way out of there. Seal's missed knee during a takedown was as about as good as it got for the Jackson's MMA fighter as from there it was all Misaki as he completed the takedown, moved to mount and then took Seal's back to delivered the fight's finishing blows.

Kickboxing: Buakaw Por. Pramuk def. Hiroki Nakajima by Unanimous Decision
Buakaw vs. Nakajima played out exactly as most thought it would. Nakajima's dangerous hands were never able to find their mark on the Shoot boxing champ and two-time K-1 ace and Buakaw punished him for it. Nakajima's clinching kept it from being a blowout, but by the final round, the Thai was humiliating his Japanese opponent with trips and chain kicks to easily take a decision.

Women's MMA: Megumi Fujii def. Emi Fujino by Unanimous Decision
Emi Fujino reaffirmed her place as one of the best defensive fighters in MMA as she took one of the best finishers in MMA, Megumi Fujii, to a hard fought decision. Fujii controlled the location of the fight, taking Fujino down at will, but was unable to find a home for her punches and and was never close to securing a submission. A cut on Fujino's eye and a guillotine submission attempt on Fujii high lighted a bout that received calls for action multiple times.

The largely defensive fight from Fujino perhaps was not too thrilling as one of few female bout first on a major stage in Japan, but it gave Fujii a platform to work out her game planning problems that plagued her in her last outing.

MMA: Yoshiro Maeda def. Masanori Kanehara by TKO (Referee Stoppage) - Round 1
It only clocked in at just over a minute and the stoppage may have come slightly early but Maeda's defeat of former Sengoku ace Kanehara is a contender for one of the wildest fights of the year.

Yoshiro Maeda was badly rocked due to a hook followed by uppercuts from Kanehara and the end looked near early as he stumbled back into the corner post. From the corner though, Maeda sprung back to land a crushing right hand that sent Kanehara to the mat. The end again seemed near but was unattainable for Maeda as he tried with punches, knees and kicks, but during his efforts to finish, he again got hurt with a punch. Maeda took the shot better this time though and again poured on the pressure for the knock out as Kanehara was still hurt. Clean punches and kicks finally brought the end of the bout but as the referee stepped in Kanehara recovered and was in the middle of shooting a takedown. An unfortunately early end to a wild, wild fight.

MMA: Taisuke Okuno def. Ryo Chonan by KO (Left Hook) - Round 1, 0:19
Late replacement Taisuke Okuno wasn't exactly entering the fight on an even playing field as he started down two points due to coming in heavy. That made no difference whatsoever though as the slugger landed a left hook 19 seconds in that sent Chonan stiff to the mat.

MMA: Maximo Blanco def. Won Sik Park by Must Decision
Two of the hottest prospects in Asia, Maximo Blanco and Won Sik Park, proved to be equal. Blanco's attempts to end the fight early were quickly quashed as Park's counter boxing took Blanco out of his typical hyper aggressive style. As Park settled in for the second round he took control with his hands and kicks and Blanco was on his way to losing for the first time in Sengoku.

With tensions and risk high, the pair were measured in their attacks in the final round, and after a referee warning, Blanco finally found some aggression. Park avoided the majority of his attacks and landed his own but the aggression alone was enough to even the cards.

After three rounds all three judges rightfully ruled the bout a draw. Due to Sengoku rules, the judges were then forced to decide a winner and despite the points being equal, Maximo Blanco was handed the victory. The result is a remarkable one for Park as he is currently serving in the Korean military and unable to properly train for fights.

MMA: Keita "K-Taro" Nakamura def. Yasubey Enomoto by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - Round 2
(SRC Welterweight GP Series 2010 Final)
Nakamura has made a successful comeback from retirement as he scored a second-round submission over the highly touted Enomoto with his signature rear-naked choke to capture Sengoku's Welterweight GP. The fight could not have started worse from Enomoto as he was caught cold and dropped only one second into the bout and then spent the rest of the round working rubber guard off his back.

Round two looked to be going a little better for Enomoto as he was given an opportunity to let his hands fly, but another takedown from K-Taro, led to Enomoto giving up his back in a scramble and the ADCC veteran quickly secured the fight finishing choke.

MMA: Jadamba Narantungalag def. Kazunori Yokota by KO - Round 1
Team Asashoryu's Jadamba Narantungalag has made quite the impact on the Japanese MMA scene in his run in Sengoku. The Mongolian backed up his dominating decision over Akihiro Gono with a one-punch knockout over top flight Sengoku lightweight Kazunori Yokota.

The "Grabaka Speedstar" looked as though his speed may get him through the bout early but when Narantungalag got his hands on him it was clear that the power difference was significant. After easily avoiding any grappling offense from Yokota, Narantungalag stood, through a left hook and Yokota slumped to the canvas unconscious.

MMA: Mamed Khalidov def. Yuki Sasaki by TKO (Strikes) - Round 1
Khalidov picked up the solid win that he needed to end his 2010 by unleashing a torrent of devastating punches on Yuki Sasaki. Sasaki scored a slick takedown early but Khalidov was able to strike off his back to reverse the situation and then stand in Sasaki's guard to end his night with beautiful straight punches that bloodied his Japanese foe.

MMA: Dave Herman def. Yoshihiro "KISS" Nakao by Unanimous Decision
Herman moved to 20-2 with an essentially perfect performance against "KISS" Nakao. Although the Japanese fighter did manage to take Herman to a decision for the first time in his career, the well placed, powerful elbows to the body and takedown defense were far, far too much for the Team Tackle boss.

MMA: Taiyo Nakahara def. Akitoshi Tamura by DQ (Low Blows) - Round 1
(SRC Bantamweight Asia Tournament Semifinals)
Cage Force representative Nakahara moved past former Shooto Champ Tamura into the finals of the Bantamweight Asia Tournament but definitely not in the manner he would prefer. Three low blows in the first round from the herky-jerky Tamura landed clean and left Nakahara victorious by disqualification but folded in the corner in pain.

MMA: Shunichi Shimizu def. Manabu Inoue by Split Decision
(SRC Bantamweight Asia Tournament Semifinals)
ZST representative Shunichi Shimizu grappled his way to an entertaining upset over bantamweight king of Pancrase Manabu Inoue. The bout looked to be playing out as expected as Inoue smothered Shimizu in the first round but in the second Shimizu was able to sprawl and land his own takedowns and a fight-defining armbar attempt pushed Shimizu ahead on the cards and into the finals of the Bantamweight Asia Tournament.

Women's MMA: Hitomi Akano def. Roxanne Modafferi
Gym mates Hitomi Akano and Roxanne Modafferi were robbed of their chance to finally throw down as Modafferi spend last night in hospital with food poisoning and so was stopped by Sengoku doctors in her pre-fight check. The win was awarded to Akano despite the fact the match never actually took place.

Women's MMA: Rin Nakai def. Mika "Hari" Harigai by Submission (Americana) - Round 1
Undefeated Valkyrie open weight champ Rin Nakai added another notch to her belt with an easy mounted Americana on an over matched Harigai in the first round. A reverse armbar and Americana on the right side missed for Nakai but an attempt on the left sealed the deal.

Women's MMA: Misaki Takimoto def. Amy Davis by Split Decision
Takimoto's decision to stand and trade with the kickboxer Amy Davis was a risky one but it paid off for her as she nudged out a close decision. Davis was having success early with her hands and superior power but repetitive kicks to the head from Takimoto turned the bout in her favor. After two rounds, she was ahead on one judge's card while the other two had ruled a draw. Under the must-decision rules of Sengoku, the judges were then forced to chose a winner and they were split in their opinion, giving Takimoto the win.

Women's Muay Thai: Erika Kamimura def. Chiharu by TKO (Elbow) - Round 1
17-year-old high school student Erika Kamimura moved to 16-1 with a one-sided TKO over Chiharu. Kamimura was landing at will with punches but an elbow sealed the deal late in the first with yet another massive cut stoppage resulting from Muay Thai's most dangerous weapon.

Muay Thai: Fabiano Cyclone def. Andrew Peck by TKO (Elbow) - Round 2
Brazilian Muay Thai specialist Fabiano Cyclone was picking apart K-1 veteran Andrew Peck and looked to be en route to a comfortable decision but a second-round bolo elbow sliced an absolutely enormous gash in the New Zealander's forehead bringing an immediate end to the bout.

Kickboxing: Kazuki Osawa def. Chang Seob Lee by TKO (Punches) - Round 1
Korean heavyweight Lee is still winless in Sengoku as he fell this time to the hands of Osawa three times in the first round. Lee has incredible foot and hand speed, and despite his losses, still has a decent chin and would be well advised to drop 50 pounds where he could actually be a competitive middleweight.

Muay Thai: Norihiro "Musashi" Miyamoto vs. Hiroki Komata - Majority Draw
New Japan kickboxing champion Norihiro "Musashi" Miyamoto and WPMF champion Hiroki Komata fought to a majority draw after Miyamoto dominated the opening stanza and then Komata came home strong with elbows in the final two rounds. Komata clearly did more damage but his slow start in a three round bout cost him the win.

Muay Thai: Kanongsuk Weerasakreck def. Genki Yamamoto by Unanimous Decision
Kanongsuk performed open-face surgery using his elbows as scalpels to take a dominating five-round decision over Yamamoto. The Japanese fighter's eye, nose and forehead all suffered significant cuts through the bout and Buawkaw sighed deeply in his dressing room as he was no doubt disappointed that he will be unable to employ all eight weapons tonight.

Muay Thai: Arashi Fujiwara def. Mutsuki Ebata by Unanimous Decision
When Fujiawara returned to his corner after the first round, and reported that the lead left hook of Ebata was "amazingly strong," he had seemed to have mentally admitted defeat. He shocked himself in the second round though as he found success in the clinch with elbows and for the next four rounds marked up his opponent's face to drastically turn the fight and claim with win.

Kickboxing: Yutaro Yamauchi vs. Go Yokoyama - Split Draw
Go Yokoyama's southpaw stance made for an awkward split draw with neither fighter solving the distance issues until the final round. Yokoyama looked like the tide was turning in his direction but took multiple low blows and had the win sucked out of his sails.

Kickboxing: Yusuke Ikei def. Shintaro Matsukura by TKO (Knee) - Round 1
In one of the fastest but best fights of the year, Ikei came back from a first round down, survived a hard head kick and hook to come back and drop Shintaro Matsukura twice in the second round with knees to the mid-section to claim the come back referee stoppage.

Kickboxing: Hironobu Ikegami vs. Yuji Tanaka - Majority Draw
Ikegami was on the way to a close decision after two rounds of landing well-placed kicks and a yellow card in the final round for Tanaka seemed to be the nail in the coffin for him but a late rally from the much smaller Tanaka in the form of a slapping head kick that stunned Ikegami was enough to win one card and even the other two to make the bout a draw.

"Jacket Rules": Yukio Sakaguchi def. Jin Suk Jung by Unanimous Decision
The Sakaguchi Dojo boss made a successful return from retirement as he avoided submissions attempts from Jung and pounded away for the comfortable decision after one round.

"Jacket Rules": Kiyotaka Shimizu def. Ichiro Sugita by Split Decision
Sambo stylist and Flyweight King of Pancrase Kiyotaka Shimizu's takedown attempts proved to be marginally more effective than Ichiro Sugita's knees and so after one round Shimizu managed an uninspiring split decision.

"Jacket Rules": Sotaro Yamada def. Lee Sak Kim by TKO (Referee Stoppage) - Round 1
Yamada erased memories of his low blows in his last Sengoku outing with dominating referee stoppage. The world pankration champion took down his opponent and rained in blows from mound to bring an easy referee stoppage in the first round and only round.

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