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Renzo Gracie Wants to Fight in UFC's Return to Brazil

Renzo Gracie's camp wants you to know that his MMA career isn't close over and that he wants to fight on the UFC card in Brazil on Aug. 27.

MMA Fighting recently spoke to Gracie's manager, Ali Abdel Aziz of Dominance MMA Management, about the 43-year-old's desire to fight on what will be the first UFC card in Gracie's home country since October 1998.

"It's Renzo's dream to fight in a UFC in Brazil," Abdel Aziz said, "but it's up to the UFC and Dana [White] to make it happen."

Gracie, whose academy in New York City recently underwent a massive expansion, lost his UFC debut in April to Matt Hughes in Abu Dhabi. And while he didn't look particularly great in the fight, he told MMA Fighting immediately afterward that his UFC career wasn't over.

"Oh, hell yeah," Gracie responded when asked if he will fight again in the UFC.

Abdel Aziz said that he hasn't had serious talks with the organization about booking Gracie on the card just yet, but did note that the UFC never released him from his contract following the loss to Hughes.

And with Roger Gracie already signed with Strikeforce and Royce Gracie perhaps a little too old to climb back in the cage one more time, Abdel Aziz noted that it would only be right for a member of the Gracie family to compete on the card.

"Having a UFC in Brazil without a Gracie wouldn't make sense," he said.

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