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Alistair Overeem Added to DREAM Dynamite Show vs. Unnamed Opponent

Alistair OvereemThe New Year's Eve DREAM Dynamite!! 2010 card has added major star power to their event, adding Strikeforce heavyweight champ and recent K-1 World Grand Prix champ Alistair Overeem to the lineup.

DREAM made the addition official in a Wednesday press conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Overeem's opponent was not named during the press conference. Though several names have been rumored as possible opponents, sources speaking to MMA Fighting say that Overeem's foe has yet to be finalized.

Among those rumored? Ex-UFC prospect Todd Duffee and Strikeforce's Bobby Lashley. Duffee, in fact, went so far as to post the fight on his Facebook account before deleting it.

With less than 10 days to go until fight time, however, neither of those bouts are official, though sources say DREAM officials have a likely opponent targeted. So what's delaying an announcement? According to the sources, several complicating factors have made the fighter's status unclear, and an announcement is not likely to come until the week of the event.

Less than two weeks ago, Overeem won three fights to capture the K-1 World Grand Prix, marking a quick turaround for the two-sport star, but until now, his only MMA performance of the year came in a May first-round win over Brett Rogers in a defense of his Strikeforce belt.

Overeem is 33-11 overall.

Other additions to the event include Satoshi Ishii vs. Jerome LeBanner and Sergei Kharitonov vs. Tatsuyi Mizuno.

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