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WEC 53 Results: Kamal Shalorus Beats Bart Palaszewski

Kamal Shalorus used great wrestling and a dominant ground-and-pound display to dominate Bart Palaszewski in the first round of their fight at WEC 53, then slowed down but hung on well enough to win a split decision.

"I put all my strength into finishing him," Shalorus said of the way he slowed down after that great first round. "I will show you an exciting fight next time."

For Shalorus, the next time will be in the UFC. Palaszewski, however, may not be joining him there after the UFC absorbs the WEC.

The Iranian Shalorus was a good amateur wrestler and it was no surprise that he threw Palaszewski to the ground within the first minute of the fight. Shalorus unleashed about three minutes of brutal ground and pound, and it was surprising that Palaszewski was able to withstand it. But Palaszewski did manage to get back up to his feet and actually started to score with some strikes of his own in the closing seconds of the first round.

Early in the second round Palaszewski was able to keep the fight standing, where he wanted it, and he was getting the better end of the striking exchanges. With 90 seconds to go in the second, Shalorus finally managed to get the takedown and hit Palaszewski on the ground a few times, but this time Palaszewski avoided taking the punishment he took in the first, making it a much better round for Palaszewski.

Palaszewski got the better end of the striking exchanges in the third round, although Shalorus managed a single-leg takedown. Palaszewski looked like the fresher fighter as the fight drew to a close, and that was enough to convince one judge to give him the third, but Shalorus won on two judges' cards and won the fight. The win improves Shalorus to 7-0-2 in his MMA career.

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