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Dominick Cruz Whips Scott Jorgensen, Earns UFC Bantamweight Belt

Dominick Cruz destro<! mediaid=3278887 AP: img align="right" alt="" src="" />yed Scott Jorgensen at WEC 53, winning an easy unanimous decision to defend his World Extreme Cagefighting bantamweight title and enter the UFC as its first bantamweight champion.

"I had a chip on my shoulder because a lot of people didn't believe in me," Cruz said. "Now, I think people believe."

Cruz, who improved to 17-1, is likely to face Urijah Faber in the first UFC bantamweight title fight. Faber is the only man ever to defeat Cruz, and Cruz said he wants a shot at revenge.

"I'm ready to fight Urijah," Cruz said. "Let's do it."

Cruz's unconventional striking was frustrating for Jorgensen in the early going, as Cruz would move in, land a strike and move out before Jorgensen could react. Cruz wanted to take the fight to the ground, and he succeeded very briefly, but Cruz popped right back up without Jorgensen hurting him. Jorgensen secured a second takedown at the very end of the round, but Cruz actually wound up on top in side control as the round ended.

In the second round it was Cruz who surprised Jorgensen with the takedown, getting on top in Jorgensen's guard and doing some damage with ground and pound. Jorgensen hit Cruz hard enough to bloody his nose, but it was clearly Cruz's round.

Cruz dropped Jorgensen with a short right hand early in the third round, and the action started to slow down after that, as Cruz continued to control the fight and Jorgensen continued to have little or nothing to offer in terms of offense. Cruz also looked increasingly comfortable going to the ground with Jorgensen, as he just didn't seem to have any fear of anything Jorgensen could do.

Cruz landed a hard right hand early in the fourth as well, and then he secured another easy takedown. By this point in the fight it was clear that Jorgensen was completely outclassed, and this wasn't even much of a competition.

In the fifth it was clear that Cruz would cruise to an easy victory. Jorgensen secured a quick takedown but couldn't do anything, and then it was Cruz again who secured the more effective takedown to get Jorgensen to the ground and plant him on his back

The fight ended with the two on their feet and Cruz celebrating, then immediately walking over toward where Faber was sitting to glare at his rival. Unlike Jorgensen, Faber will be able to give Cruz a great fight.

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