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Randy Couture No Closer to Retirement Decision

On Tuesday night, Randy Couture caused a bit of havoc in the mixed martial arts world when the legend posted a message on his Twitter account that seemed to hint he was hanging up his gloves for good.

Couture wrote: "Thanks to everybody who's been tweeting about seeing my fights. I must have missed the memo :) I think I'm at the end of it Yall [sic]. It's time."

But fans who read the message as Couture announcing his retirement from the sport may be jumping the gun.

"It's not an official announcement," Couture's attorney Sam Spira told MMA Fighting on Tuesday night.

Spira said that the posting was simply the fighter responding to fans and reiterating what Spira told MMA Fighting back in September, and what Couture himself later said in November: that he might have fought for the last time.

No decision has been made, and there is still dialogue between Couture and the UFC about his future. The decision at this point is essentially in Couture's hands.

Since fighting and defeating James Toney in August at UFC 118, Couture has been concentrating his attention on opportunities in his entertainment career, which he views as the next chapter of his life. He's currently in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shooting an action film entitled "Setup," alongside Bruce Willis and 50 Cent. Meanwhile, the sequel to the 2010 summer box office hit "The Expendables" is expected to begin shooting in March. Though that date is not yet finalized, pre-production has begun and Couture is expected to be part of the cast, reprising his role as demolition expert Toll Road.

The 47-year-old has not closed the door on entertaining fight offers, but he realizes that with his future in acting, taking Hollywood jobs may become his top priority.

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