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Dana White: Anderson Silva Still Sport's Pound-for-Pound King

MONTREAL -- Even after watching UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre thrash Josh Koscheck for five rounds, UFC president Dana White can't elevate the Canadian to No. 1 on his pound-for-pound list.

According to White, that honor still belongs to the UFC's middleweight champion, Anderson Silva.

"This is a guy who's wiped out the 185-pound division," White said. "He really has. Not only has he wiped out a division, he beat a couple of guys at 205. That's why this whole debate over pound-for-pound ... I love Georges St. Pierre. He's awesome, he's a superstar and everything else. But he lost not too long ago to Matt Serra by knockout. [Anderson] has never lost in the UFC, and he's moved up a weight class and beat two f---ing tough guys at that weight."

The graceful St. Pierre will certainly have his number of supporters grow for the mythical spot after a dominant performance against Koscheck. St. Pierre moved to 21-2 with his eighth straight win and fifth consecutive title defense.

In all, St. Pierre has won 30 consecutive rounds since dropping the first round of his first match with Koscheck in April 2007, but White says that can't compare with Silva's record. The Brazilian striker has won 13 straight fights, and has never lost in the octagon, going 12-0 since he debuted in the UFC back in June 2006.

"He's knocked out all the best guys," White said. "He hasn't lost a fight since 2006. It's almost 2011."

St. Pierre might one day put White's opinion to the test in a superfight, which may happen if St. Pierre gets past Jake Shields in his next match while Silva will have to defeat Vitor Belfort. Until then, it's just guesswork for everyone.

Still, White remains confident in his appraisal that the one title eluding GSP is the pound-for-pound crown.

"I love Georges, I've been up here talking to everyone about him for a week," White said. "But Anderson Silva is the pound-for-pound best in the world."

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