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UFC 124: Stefan Struve TKOs Sean McCorkle

Stefan Struve pulled out a dramatic comeback against Sean McCorkle Saturday at UFC 124, pulling off a beautiful reversal from his back and drilling McCorkle with punches to win a first-round technical knockout.

The two fighters expressed plenty of bad blood toward each other in the run-up to this fight, which Struve referenced in his post-fight comments.

"You can trash talk all you want," Struve said. "It's settled here in the Octagon."

Less than 30 seconds into the first round McCorkle picked Struve up and slammed him down to his back, then went for a kimura from the top. Struve used a wall walk to get out of the kimura, but McCorkle was relentless about staying on top and landing punches. Struve, however, did a great job of staying poised on his back, and it wasn't long before Struve reversed into full mount and rained punches down on McCorkle's face until the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

With the victory, Struve improved his professional MMA record to 21-4. At age 22, Struve has a bright future ahead of him in the UFC heavyweight division. McCorkle falls to 10-1.

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