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UFC 124: Mac Danzig Knocks Out Joe Stevenson

In a battle of former Ultimate Fighter winners, Mac Danzig knocked Joe Stevenson out with one devastating punch at UFC 124.

For a couple minutes of the first round the two were just feeling each other out, and then all of a sudden, Stevenson left his chin exposed as he tried to get inside, and Danzig landed a perfect left hand to the jaw that sent Stevenson to the canvas, face first. Danzig pounced and landed one more hammerfist on the ground before the referee could pull him off, but Stevenson was out cold before he hit the ground.

"I've been landing that for years and years and I never knew how to put power in it the right way," Danzig said of his finishing punch. "I knew he was going to come in and lead with that left hook, the way he opens up like that. I studied tape of him and I just knew he was going to open up like that. The key was hitting the jaw."

For Danzig, who improves to 20-8-1, it was perhaps the most impressive win of his MMA career. Stevenson, who falls to 31-12, is now on a two-fight losing streak and could be in danger of losing his job in the UFC. At the very least, he may need to drop 10 pounds and move down to featherweight.

Danzig, however, is back in a big way, and will have some interesting fights ahead of him in the lightweight division.

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