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UFC: Stephan Bonnar Beats Igor Pokrajac by Decision

Stephan Bonnar defeats Igor Pokrajac at The Ultimate Fighter finale.Stephan Bonnar is past his prime as a UFC fighter, but he showed he has a little fight left in him Saturday night in defeating Igor Pokrajac at the Ultimate Fighter Finale.

With a much better ground game than Pokrajac, Bonnar easily won a unanimous decision, improving his pro record to 13-7. Pokrajac falls to 22-8 and probably won't be back in the UFC.

Bonnar took the fight to the ground early in the first round and dominated it there, coming close to choking Pokrajac out and showing that his grappling is just at a different level than Pokrajac's. It was definitely Bonnar's round, 10-9.

In the second Bonnar got the fight to the ground quickly as well, this time getting into side control and landing several hard strikes. Pokrajac hurt Bonnar with an illegal knee to the head on the ground, getting a point deducted, and when they got back to their feet Bonnar still seemed to be affected by that illegal knee.

In the third Bonnar got Pokrajac on the ground and got on top of him once again, and it was fairly dominant, although things got a little shaky when referee Steve Mazagatti deducted a point from Bonnar at the end of the fight for a punch to the back of the head. That point deduction, however, wasn't enough to deprive Bonnar of the decision.

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