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TUF 12 Finale Live Blog: Michael Johnson vs. Jonathan Brookins Updates

LAS VEGAS – This is "The Ultimate Fighter" Finale live blog for Michael Johnson vs. Jonathan Brookins, the main event of tonight's card at The Pearl at The Palms in Las Vegas.

This is the lightweight championship fight of Season 12 of the Spike reality series, and the winner receives a guaranteed UFC contract. Johnson beat Nam Phan by split decision to reach the finals. Brookins beat Kyle Watson by unanimous decision.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Here we go. Traded jabs. Then a kick from Johnson. Big left from Johnson, who then fends off a shoot attempt. But Brookins then gets a single. But Johnson does well at fighting it off and eventually breaks free and lands a little in a combo. Then a big shot drops Brookins and he eats a few shots on the ground. Somehow, he gets back up and back to standing. Johnson then nails him again with several big shots. Again, Brookins survives. And again Johnson comes forward with big shots that are landing. Then tie up against the fence, then split. Johnson is bullying Brookins with the strikes and pushing him toward the cage. They scramble on the ground, then pop back up. Brookins tries to land a knee, but it doesn't connect. It's a clear 10-9 round for Johnson, who was a more than 2-to-1 underdog coming in.

Round 2: The TUF 12 teammates touch gloves to start the round. Johnson lands a shot, but Brookins secures the takedown and starts raining punches from up top in side control. Brookins' family members are on their feet in the front row and cheering him wildly. Brookins pauses from top position and then looks to drop elbows. He lands a right from his feet and Johnson covers up to avoid the strikes. Brookins pins Johnson's left arm under his knee and looks to inflict more damage. He looks for an armbar, but then retreats to deliver more elbows. Johnson looks both both unsure of how to get out and unable to get out. But eventually he powers back to his feet. Brookins gets his arms around Johnson's right leg, looking to go back to the ground. They tie up briefly against the fence, but Brookins then delivers a big slam to get back to the ground. Brookins controls things as the round comes to a close, and he is going to win a 10-8 round on the MMA Fighting card.

Round 3: They touch gloves to start the last, and it's likely all even on the cards unless any judges gave Brookins a 10-8 in the second. Johnson strikes first, but Brookins again gets a leg and uses it to bring things to the ground. Johnson tries to power up, but it's not there yet. Brookins has him tied up and continues to pull Johnson's legs out to keep him from standing. He's not doing anything offensively with the position yet, but he soon gets to mount with Johnson's back against the fence. But Johnson executes a fantastic reversal to get out and they trade a few strikes before a brilliant throw-takedown from Brookins. With two minutes left in the fight, Brookins gets to side control. He eventually starts using the position to land some elbows, but they're not coming in big bunches. He's controlling things the last minute of the fight on the ground, not landing tons, but landing a few here and there. He'll go in on cruise control and it looks like he will be the next "Ultimate Fighter."

Result: Jonathan Brookins def. Michael Johnson via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)
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