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Strikeforce Live Blog: Antonio Silva vs. Mike Kyle Updates

This is the Strikeforce live blog for Antonio Silva vs. Mike Kyle, a heavyweight bout on tonight's Strikeforce on Showtime card from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Mo.

Antonio Silva (14-2) out of the American Top Team defeated Andrei Arlovski via unanimous decision in May. Mike Kyle (18-7-1) has been undefeated with five wins since losing to Fabricio Werdum in August 2009.

The live blog is below.

Mike Kyle enters to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight."

"Big" John McCarthy is the referee.

Round 1: Antonio Silva claims the center of the cage. Kyle sneaks a quick right and steps away. Kyle snaps a jab and then rocks Silva with a right to floor the big Brazilian. Kyle tries to pass and rains down big hammerfists. In finish mode, Kyle continues to wail away as Silva tries to slow Kyle down. Impressive ground and pound by Kyle. Kyle is landing some clean shots and Silva must have a hard head to be taking those shots. Kyle slows the pace down inside Silva's halfguard but continues to stay active with short rights. Kyle lands with more hammerfists. Silva can take damage, that's for sure. Silva in closed guard traps Kyle's left arm to slow Kyle down. Round one was all Mike Kyle. 10-8 Kyle.

Round 2: Silva shoots and Kyle avoids it. Silva lands a straight right and Kyle smiles. Silva lands a hard leg kick. Silva defends a takedown and Silva, who has a 40-plus pound advantage, just falls on top of Kyle. Silva passes to side control and drops right hands. Kyle gets to his knees and Silva attempts the anaconda choke. Kyle escapes with 2:47 left. Silva back on his feet pounds his way on top of Kyle. Silva secures full mount and he pays homage to Sakuraba with Mongolian Chops. More punches and Kyle's eyes wander, urging McCarthy to step in to save Kyle.

Silva wins via TKO - Round 2, 2:49

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