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Commission to Investigate First-Round Ending of Harris vs. Falcao

The Michigan athletic commission has announced that they will investigate why and/or whether the first round of the Gerald Harris vs. Maiquel Falcao fight, which was eventually won by the Brazilian via unanimous decision, ended prematurely Saturday night at UFC 123 in Auburn Hills, Mich.

MMA Fighting's repeated attempts to contact members of the Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission were unsuccessful, however, Barrington Carr, the Commission's director of enforcement told The Fight Show With Mauro Ranallo on Tuesday that they are looking into the matter.

"We have initiated a complaint in the matter," Carr said. "We essentially are going to be pursuing an investigation to determine the facts, and if necessary, take whatever measures are necessary to address the issue."

When contacted by MMA Fighting, UFC officials chose not to comment on the matter, explaining that this was an issue the Michigan athletic commission needed to deal with.

For the record, the UFC does not employ or choose the judges, timekeepers or referees who are assigned to work the fights.

It is still unclear whether the round did in fact end prematurely. If one times the round based on the clock graphic shown on the pay-per-view, it appears as though the round ended seven seconds early. However, it is not clear when the timekeeper started the clock at the beginning of the round.

Either way, a mistake was made, and the commission is looking into it.

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