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UFC 123 Results: Brian Foster Submits Matt Brown

Brian Foster beat Matt Brown with a guillotine choke in the second round of an action-packed fight at UFC 123 on Saturday night.

"I'm ecstatic," Foster said afterward, grinning from ear to ear after improving to 15-5 in his MMA career with his second consecutive win inside the Octagon. Brown fell to 11-10 with the loss, and he could get dropped from the UFC after this loss.

Foster secured a great takedown early in the first round, got into side control and landed an elbow before letting Brown back up. Then it was Brown's turn to go on the attack, get the takedown and get on top of Foster on the ground. Foster then did a great job of reversing into the dominant position and then attempting an arm bar before Brown got back on top, and then they were back to their feet. It wasn't long before they were back on the ground, however, and Brown at one point looked like he was close to getting Foster to tap out with an arm bar, but Foster stayed calm, waited for the right moment to pull his arm free, and got out of the round.

Brown kicked Foster in the groin twice early in the second round, but Foster was able to shake it off, and when Brown threw another kick Foster caught it and took Brown down. After hurting Brown with punches while Brown was on his back, Foster sunk in a guillotine choke that forced Brown to tap.

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