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UFC 123: Phil Davis Submits Tim Boetsch

Phil Davis showed Saturday night at UFC 123 why he's one of the most promising young light heavyweights in mixed martial arts, submitting Tim Boetsch with a very impressive kimura from the top for a second-round victory that improved Davis's record to 8-0.

Davis came out throwing a lot of kicks in the early going, landing some but also throwing a couple of them too slowly and allowing Boetsch to catch them. About halfway through the first round Davis, an NCAA champion wrestler at Penn State, went for a takedown and got on top of Boetsch, completely controlling him. It was a round that very easily could have gone 10-8 for Davis.

In the second round Boetsch did a fairly effective job of tying up Davis against the fence, and the fans started to boo as there wasn't much action. But Davis eventually got Boetsch down, got on top of him, and twisted his arm behind his back in a kimura, forcing Boetsch to tap.

The win was Davis' best to date, and a good example of why so many people think the 26-year-old is one of the future stars of the UFC. Davis isn't ready to fight a Top 10 opponent just yet, but he's in the next tier of light heavyweights, and he's only going to get better. Every UFC fan who saw him on Saturday night will look forward to seeing what he does next.

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