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UFC 123: George Sotiropoulos Submits Joe Lauzon

George Sotiropoulos showed once again on Saturday night that he's one of the best ground fighters in the lightweight division in mixed martial arts, submitting Joe Lauzon with a second-round kimura at UFC 123.

"I want to face the best, I want to earn what I get, I want to make a case for the belt," Sotiropoulos said after the win, which improved his record to 14-2. "I'm going to keep making that case."

Sotiropoulos is making the case that he deserves a lightweight title shot, and he'll get that shot in 2011 if he keeps winning.

In Saturday's fight, both Lauzon and Sotiropolous came out swinging, with a very intense first minute of the fight, and when Sotiropoulos grabbed Lauzon's leg and went for a takedown, Lauzon was able to stay on his feet. After another exchange Sotiropoulos went for a takedown again, and Lauzon made him pay for it with elbows to the side of the head. Sotiropoulos did eventually get on top of Lauzon on the ground late in the first, but Lauzon reversed and finished the first round on top of Sotiropoulos, and I scored the first round for Lauzon.

At the start of the second round Lauzon looked like he was tired, and Sotiropoulos took advantage, landing knees in the clinch and then taking Lauzon down and getting into side control. From there Sotiropoulos transitioned into the top in a north-south position, sunk in a kimura, and forced Lauzon to tap.

It was an impressive showing for an impressive fighter. Sotiropoulos is undoubtedly a future title contender.

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