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Referee Samio Kimura Knocked Out at Grachan

One of the veteran officials of the Japanese fight circuit Samio Kimura was knocked out in the line of duty at Grachan 5 on Nov. 7th when Takeo "Cerberus Take" Shiina first knocked out his opponent Jung Hyun Lee and then assaulted Kimura.

Shiina dropped Lee with a cross counter early in the first round and then as Kimura jumped in to stop the fight on the ground, Shiina continued throwing strikes - hitting the referee with a hammerfist to the back of the head and a knee to either the face or body. Shiina was then confronted and challenged by DREAM veteran Won Sik Park and rightfully disqualified.

Grachan is one of the few promotions in Japan that regularly utilizes the cage and advertises itself as a more "hardcore" and "alternative" event. Samio Kimura is one of the most experienced referees in Japan and has officiated in Pride FC, DREAM, Sengoku and Pancrase among many others, He is perhaps best known for his part in the "King Mo" chant during Muhammed Lawal's tenure in Japan.

The promotion has since released video of the incident which can be seen above.

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