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UFC 122: Krzysztof Soszynski Beats Goran Reljic

Krzysztof Soszynski and Goran Reljic went through 15 minutes of hard fighting Saturday at UFC 122, with Soszynski winning all three rounds on all three judges' scorecards to walk away with the unanimous decision.

"That boy's tough," Soszynski said afterward. "That boy is one tough SOB."

Soszynski's record improves to 25-11-1, while Reljic is now on a three-fight losing streak and has fallen to 8-3.

In the early going they traded strikes without either fighter doing much damage, with Soszynski landing some hard punches and Reljic landing a couple of hard kicks to the body. Reljic took Soszynski down with about 90 seconds left in the first round, but he wasn't able to do anything of note on the ground, other than fend off a kimura attempt by Soszynski.

Early in the second round Reljic took Soszynski down again and ended up in his guard, and not much happened for the next minute and a half until the referee stood them up. The fight slowed way down from there, as the two fighters clinched against the fence and didn't do much of anything offensively, as the crowd started to boo. Soszynski did land some punches and knees in the clinch, which might have been enough to win a close round, but it wasn't a particularly effective round for either fighter.

Reljic went for a takedown early in the third round as well, but he telegraphed it, and Soszynski had no trouble sprawling and stuffing it. From there Soszynski completely dominated the third round, remaining in a dominant position and hammering away at Reljic throughout.

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